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Frequently Asked Questions

The initial cost of a Maxwell Girl covers office and business start-up items and fees such as your personal website setup, shipping, wholesale buying, tags, photos, etc. With all of that included, your start-up cost is only $399.99 What other business could you start, for just $399.99 A salon, restaurant, or even another online retail shop would cost much, much more than that! What a steal of a deal!

2. When you do invest in something you have no choice but to WORK! It is the all too familiar trap that women fall into signing up for a direct sale company for the bargain price of $99. And then what? Well, you wasted $99, and shared your brand new product or business opportunity with nobody. It’s very easy to play small and not back your investment with your passion when it costs a hundred dollars. I am here to tell ya I have about $1000 worth of $99 investments and nothing to show for it except for samples of stuff! When you commit yourself to a bigger business investment, you have zero choice but to work your business and pay it off. Which in turn makes you successful, which we can help train you and show you how!! which in turn keeps you motivated to keep going. Which is the reason you signed up in the first place: To be the owner of a successful business! See that? It is the right way to do things! Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that it is all on your terms and your time.

While it is well known and widely accepted in the business world that it takes about a year for most businesses to become profitable, we have seen some of our Maxwell Girls pay off their initial start up investment and start making a profit within just a week. Pretty amazing, right? The average Maxwell Girl rep starts making a profit after about 1 month, much faster than the expected one year in most businesses. That means you will be making money sooner as a Maxwell Girl than would in almost any other enterprise.
Most of our reps who have sought out financial help have ended up going with a 0% interest credit card, they are available from various banks and credit card companies. Once you get your site up and running and your inventory available for sale you should be able to earn back your initial start-up cost and pay off the card quickly, before you have to start paying interest.
Another idea is to check with your bank or credit union about taking out a small business loan or team up with a friend or relative and sell together. There are many ways to get the initial start up fee and with your hard work you’ll should be making a profit in no time.
Absolutely not! We do offer a kick back referral program that you do not have to take part of. But there is some good money to be made in it. r.
Yes anyone can do this – girl, boy, old, young, anyone! That’s why we provide all of the photos for you to use!
This is what makes Maxwell so unique. Because we are NOT AN MLM all of our girls do not have the same items for sale so we help each other as a Maxwell community instead of working against each other. We also have no minimum orders and as a Maxwell Girl your percent on markup on each item is 50-100%.If you would like to sign a girl up you will get a one time $40 bonus and 5% off all of their sales.

We also have some amazing incentives for our reps!! All of the amazing reward incentives we currently have are based on your ordering volume during quarterly and end of year sales.

The profit margins vary based on the piece that you sell. They are anywhere between 50-100%. Pretty killer! That is one of our favorite things about MAXWELL; you make money right out of the gate. Your profit is not dependent on a team, downline, or autoship BECAUSE WE ARE NOT A MLM. You buy clothes at wholesale and sell them at retail. Super easy.
The best thing you can do is create a solid strategy and plan to determine how you are going to become successful as a Maxwell Girl and then share that vision with your other half. If he/she is worried about the financial aspect of the business, it’s all laid out in your back office on your site. Amazing right? You can calculate how many items you need to sell in order to have your initial investment paid off right there!
Balancing work and family is one of the most challenging things in life, that’s why we have tried to make this as easy as possible for you. With Maxwell, you are your own boss so flexibility is built in from the get go. Our back office makes managing your inventory easy and our professional photos make posting on social media a pleasure.
Every family is different to the best way to balance work and family can really vary. Some Maxwell Girls find it best to create specific working and non-working hours. This way they can focus 100% on their work during working hours and 100% on their family the rest of the time. We are here to support you and know that with the flexibility of being a Maxwell Girl you will quickly find your groove and be able to balance work and family like a pro.

Sales tax is collected through our point-of-sale system, already built into every MAXWELL Girl’s back office. This is a huge relief for you.
Shop Maxwell Corporate collects and pays all of sales tax for you.
Whether or not you need a business license depends on the state you live in. Check with your state and local government to find out the specific requirements for your area.
As a Maxwell Girl you are technically self-employed. Most individual Maxwell girls file taxes as a sole proprietor, using their full name and their social security number as the Tax ID number. As your business grows you may want to discuss a limited liability partnership, limited liability company (LLC) or corporation with a legal professional.
Lots of the Maxwell sales happen online so you don’t necessarily need to have a large local network of friends and family to be successful. Some of the most successful Maxwell Girls are those who are well connected on social media. They drive customers to the site by posting about their sales on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
When you do want to add more local customers or potential pop-up sale hostesses, look to people you interact with day to day; neighbors, dance teachers, coaches/wives, church, dental and medical assistants, friends from the gym, etc. They do not need to be close friends.
It’s all done in your back office and entering payment information! Amazing right?! No need to set up Square, PayPal, Venmo or anything like that. (YOU HAVE AN APP AND SCAN A BARCODE)
Your monthly cost of $59 includes:
-The SCO software/hosting cost for your personal site
-All of the photos taken for you by a professional photographer using professional models
-All your shipping hosting cost
-The building of your Instagram
-All tags and clothing priced
-Access to wholesale buying
The above value is worth $500 MONTHLY
Go to the and click on the Become a Maxwell Girl link at the bottom of the page!
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