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Become a Maxwell Girl

Become a Maxwell Girl


We are excited to have you join the Maxwell community and become a Maxwell Girl Sales Rep today!

So what exactly is a Maxwell Girl?
A Maxwell Girl is a girl that wants to have her own business within Maxwell as an independent vendor for Shop Maxwell. A Maxwell Girl has all the wholesale buying rights, is able to sell their own items and start their own business. Here at Maxwell, we provide you with ways to sell amazing clothing and start your future in the fashion industry.
What makes being a Maxwell Girl sales rep so amazing!!
  • All photos are done for you
  • Access to sell items on
  • Every girl gets their own website
  • A social media platform to organically grow your Instagram following
  • A professional back office to manage your business
  • Intensive training on back office and sales
  • Your own personalized choice of inventory to purchase and sell
  • All the tools to make your business successful
  • No minimums

Our purpose at Shop Maxwell is to provide a company where women can make a great income in the fashion industry without having to invest thousands of dollars in a store front. We believe in creating a truly positive culture for women where they are in control of their own destiny as a business owner without having to sacrifice time away from the things that are most important to them!

  • The ability to make good money doing what you love

We have created a place for women to come together and help each other while making good money and having fun. Maxwell Girls help women feel beautiful. Who doesn’t feel amazing in new clothes?!?!

Here at Maxwell we have been working with our team of web design professionals for over a year to make our website practically perfect. Since we’ve already put in that time and money we want to share it with you! That’s why we’ve come up with a way for you to have the same amazing website and to personalize. You can make it your own by handpicking the clothing items you choose to post and sell. The best part is that there is a link from our site to yours so we’re always connected. And, DON’T WORRY! We do all the web set-up for you!

  • A place to be your own boss

You choose when you want to work, where you want to work and how you want to run your own business.

  • All of your photos done for you with a professional photographer and model!!

High quality images are the key to selling clothing! Since we believe that it is super important to have amazing photos, we take care of that for you. We provide all the photos for you to use whether you are selling on your site, our site, Instagram, Facebook or anywhere else. No other fashion site will provide your photos for you like Maxwell and that’s a big reason why anyone can be a Maxwell Girl. You don’t have to be a pro photographer or have friends who model to have great images and be successful.

  • A hosting site!!

We take care of all your back end and front end hosting costs, trainings and all the tricky tech stuff!

  • A place to buy wholesale clothing

It’s a lot of work to get the perfect pieces and we take care of that for you! We have spent many, many years in the industry figuring out what sells best and are constantly working to make sure our Girls have a variety of fashion forward items to choose from. To make sure you all don’t end up selling the same pieces, we have new items up in the back office at all times and limit how much we buy of a single item. Once a particular item is gone, it is gone.

  • A back office with the ability to manage all sales and inventory!

Our back office is something that we are super excited to share with you! It will manage all your inventory, sales, customers, shipping, etc. no matter what selling format you use- our site, your site, Instagram, Facebook, pop up shop, house party, etc. Easy peasy!

  • A place to add items and sell right on

Once you buy items in the back office it’s super easy to start selling on our site or on yours!

  • A shipping system built into your back office!

You can check on shipping progress 24/7 in your back office. This includes both items shipped by you and items shipped by us.

  • The ability to pick your clothing packs and pieces

We give our Maxwell Girls as much control over their own businesses as possible. We’ve set up the back office in a way that allows you to pick the individual items you’d like to sell. There are no preset packs, just individualized hand picking.

  • Advertising.

This is huge! Advertising can make or break a business and we help you get started! Everyone buys from one site that links to your own site which, by nature, drives traffic and sales to you. We also have a great program to help build your Instagram following. Since followers = customers, more followers = more sales for you!


AS A COMPANY we do not have you pay thousands of dollars to sign up. Because we would like you girls to have the have the freedom to sell what you want! THE sign up cost is ONLY $399.99 YES $399.99 That is a killer deal!! The $399.99 comes with a replicated website and all photo done for you. Access to buy wholesale. A back office with everything you will need to get started. A welcome-pack will be sent to you with infomation on how to grow your business, A Instagram Bulider to help grow your business(OPTIONAL).The $399.99 is a one time fee. If you would like to add in the Instagram builder it is a extra $50 so total would be $449.99 and can only be added at sign up!!!

We do not make you have any minimums monthly.
There is a reoccurring payment to stay active.

Your reoccurring monthly payment will include the following :

  • The SCO software/ hosting cost for your personal site
  • All of the photos taken for you by a professional photographer using professional models
  • All your shipping hosting cost
  • The building of your Instagram
  • Trainings
  • All tags and clothing priced
  • Access to wholesale buying

The above value is worth $500 MONTHLY But its only $59 a month!!

If you are ready to become a Maxwell Girl today your next step is to click the “Join” button.If you are in need of more info please send an email to

Thanks, Team Maxwell

Become a Maxwell Girl

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